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Hungary for Love

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New review on Goodreads. 
Elliot Cooper 28.09.2020

"What can I say, this book had me in stitches. I was unsure about the format of the initial chapters, as the story unfolds in the exchange of emails, but it works, and the majority of the story is then told in narration by the main character. 
Very unpredictable and with some hugely enjoyable and wicked black humor. 
I've never really read anything quite like it!
Unique, highly recommended!"

Google books review: 
 "Sorry but this is actually genius. It's like taking all the most inane and embarrassing conversations you've had with people, pouring it into a flask, and burning off the boring bits to produce pure distilled ridiculousness."

Love doesn’t come easy, certainly not for Tiffany.
Internet dating is about to take her across uncharted waters.
Familiarity will be left behind and borders crossed.
It’s all good gossip for the rest of the family, keen to share their doubts and concerns.
Though blood is thicker than water and this family is thick.
When it looks like an intervention is on the cards, two family members swing into action.
This is a story that will take you to places you really didn’t expect to go.
Just when you think you’ve got the plot, you’ll realise you’ve lost it.

Showing Off 
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 It’s showtime, so who wants to show off?
Just about everyone.
This might be a small-town event, but it’s big on ambition.
Will Eva Pettigrew pull it off, or will her nemesis spoil the day?
Love is in the air and where there’s love there’s loss.
Who gets the man and who wants him anyway?
The big after-show party is an event in itself.
What about press coverage?The local papers have plenty to print and it's not all pretty.
Bring it on!

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