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Zeta May is a woman in her mid-twenties, trapped within the complexities of a troubled mind.
A traumatic accident dramatically shaped her early childhood, and yet the memory of what happened that day eludes her.
Angie remembers everything and realises that, to hep Zita, it's time, to tell the truth.
We meet Zeta as she stands watching from her bedroom window as a young family moves into the cottage next door.
Zeta feels an immediate resentment towards the new neighbours, and instinctively doesn't like Ray, the father.
Something in his whole demeanor makes her feel uneasy.
Is Zeta intuitive, or losing her tentative grip and reality?
Zeta is teetering on the edge of a world that, for her, is about to implode.
In this story, narrated by Zeta, we travel with her through a decade in her extraordinary life.
A decade that neither she nor you, the reader, could ever have predicted.
Lies & Revelations is a gripping and compelling novel looking at emotional extremes, 
moral dilemmas, love, deceit, and, the not so simple, twists of fate.

"What I realised after reading L&R is that we are left to speculate about who Zeta really is. The book's POV is limited to what is in Zeta's head, and you have deftly woven a picture of whom she is within the narrow scope of her own thoughts and perspective. Having said that, she sees herself as troubled and misunderstood, innocent and naive."

Audio book currently in production. 

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 I really enjoyed this book. It draws you in slowly and then, as the main character's life changes dramatically, so does the pace of the story. This novel deals with a lot of complicated and difficult subjects of which you feel the writer has genuine knowledge. The story of Zeta May and those closest to her is gripping. I sat in the sunshine in my garden and stayed there, for far longer than intended, reading this novel. So, I felt compelled to write a review and highly recommend it. I have read this writer  before, but this is a very different book to those previously written which had a much lighter, comic touch. There is humour to found in this book, though ultimately, it's a moving and sometimes disturbing story. Becca J

 'Lies & Revelations' at first amused me, then shocked me, then sucked me in; eventually after getting over a few jolts, I found myself literally unable to leave the book alone until I had finished reading it. This work should be aired on the radio or at the very least be made available as an audiobook. 5 stars out of 5, possibly more ... P Mason

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